box camera

BOX CAMERA 560 Lines Auto-Iris

Extremely Sensitive 0.002 Lux Feature,
Digital Noise Reduction
Color Image at Night-Time Razor Sharp
580 TV Lines Auto Detects Power Sources

An impressive 0.002 low light lux rating leads to a superb night time performance ability. The 1/3 inch density CCD and digital processor permits high quality pictures to be captured in very low light conditions. It detects the motion of objects without the use of a sensor.

Key Features

BOX CAMERA 480 Lines Vari-Focal

Super HAD CCD / Auto Detects Power Source
One of the most affordable Day & Night Solution

If you need an inexpensive Day & Night feature this camera will automatically change from day mode to night mode with its internal sensor, giving you optimal color clarity during the day and b/w during the night. The super HAD CCD gives you 480 lines of resolution.

Key Features

Infrared Bullet Camera


Infrared Range 46 Ft. with 3.6 mm Fixed Lens
1/3 inch Sony Super HAD CCD
480 TV Lines

The IR color infrared bullet camera gives you an outstanding clear color picture during the daytime and a sharp night time image with the 12 high intensity IR LEDs. The advanced 1/3" Sony super HAD CCD produces a razor sharp 480 TV lines of resolution and with aid of infrared LEDS, you get 0.0 lux low light.

Key Features

bulletCamera 480


Excellent Infrared Bullet Camera
480 Lines High Resolution
See from the distance in Total Darkness
3.6mm Fixed Lens

The IR has 480 TV lines of resolution. This affordable IR camera is our high end infrared camera that we have to offer. This camera comes in a small size and has high resolution. This camera has 25 IR and it can see up to 60 feet in total darkness.

Key Features


Excellent Day/Night Infrared Bullet Camera
480 Lines High Resolution
See from the distance in Total Darkness
3.6mm Fixed Lens

The IR has 420/580 (night) TV lines of resolution. This affordable IR camera is the best selling infrared camera that we have to offer. This camera is very practical for installations, because the resolution, size and affordability.This camera has 50 IR and it can see up to 120 feet in total darkness.

Key Features

bullet camera ir 380


Infrared Range 150 Ft. with 6mm Fixed Lens
1/3 inch Super HAD CCD
580 TV Lines / Weather - Resistant

This camera is one of the most advanced IR cameras. It is one of the longest range infrared bullet cameras found anywhere. It provides AGC, BLC, and Day / Night. The precise 6mm mini lens has a 44° view. The IR range is up to 150 ft.
It simply gives the best shot at any angle.

Key Features

dome camera 560 lines

DOME CAMERAS 560 Ln Low Lux 0.002 b/w

560 TV Lines Ultra High Resolution
0.002 Lux with Sens-up Feature
Day/ Night 4-9 or 2.6-6mm
Auto-Iris Vari-Focal Lens

This Dome Camera has an incredible 560 TV lines of resolution. It gives you a pristine picture unmatched by the other domes. The ultra low 0.002 low light rating during the night gives an unbelievable night time picture. The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) removes image noise efficiently and an obvious image in low luminance.

Key Features

dome camera 480 lines


Wide Range of Intensity Level
Digital Slow Shutter Function
480 TV Lines High Resolution Day & Night
Auto Detects Power

From its fine line of quality dome cameras, this camera offers a Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) which is used for a greater dynamic range of exposures (i.e. for a wider range between light and dark areas) than what normal digital imaging devices may offer. The 1/3” Sony Double Scan CCD chipset delivers 480 razor sharp lines of resolution.

Key Features

dome camera ir vandal resistant


Excellent Infrared Dome
See from Distance in Total Darkness
Low Angle Tilting
560/600 TV Lines

The infrared dome is small and can be installed on low ceilings and is able to see a straight forward view while other ordinary dome camera can’t.  It works really well in high risk security areas with its sturdy aluminum housing. Don't be fooled by imitation domes which are poorer quality than the genuine model from the original manufacture.

Key Features



Camera Small Size PTZ
X100 Zoom
Endless Panning

This dome camera is a very special PTZ camera because of its size. 6 inches in diameter and 5.5 inches in height make PT TP 950 as small as a regular dome camera. People won't think it is a user controllable camera. This small PTZ comes with about same or even better features you will find on regular size PTZ camera.

Key Features

ptz vandal resistant


X3000 Powerful Zoom
High Speed Endless Panning
Vandal-Resistant and Weatherproof
Heater & Blower / Day & Night

The industrial quality PTZ camera is perfect for high security loss prevention operations. The advanced Day & Night Super HAD chipset produces beautiful video on your screen at high resolution of 580 lines. It also features Day and Night function which shows great detail video even at low light environment such as parking lots.

Key Features


Digital PTZ
Superb Image Quality with SVGA Resolution
Multiple H.264 Streams
Easy Installation with Remote Back Focus

Axis P1343 network camera has superior video quality and is provided with progressive scan in multiple individual H.264 streams, as well as motion JPEG stream.

Key Feature